Why I Chose the Cross Church School of Ministry



by Adrian Jordan
Adrian is a resident minister with the Cross Church School of Ministry on its Church Planter track.  Adrian is with CCSM for one year preparing to plant a church on the West Coast.

God’s call on my life was clear from the beginning: Go!

As I read one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Isaiah 6, I struggle to put into words what it means to fully understand why God calls us to things that are bigger and more awesome than we could ever imagine. Like the prophet, my calling to ministry was nailed down by one phrase, “Here am I, send me!” These words resonate in my heart and permeate to the depths of my soul.

Strangely, I have never asked the question, “God where are you taking me?” I’m more like the kid who when someone yelled, “Road Trip!” was in the car excited for the journey. Not to say that I had my things packed at all, but I was ready for an adventure.

Enter Cross Church. This moment in my life is I believe the perfect place in time where God has uniquely equipped the leadership to pour into the lives of men who feel His call on their lives. As I answer the calling to, “Go!” I am so excited for this amazing adventure of faith where I know without a doubt this is only the beginning and I look forward to seeing the beauty unfold in God’s great masterpiece.


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  • Anthony Jordan

    Proud of you Son. Thankful for the vision Ronnie has to invest in young leaders. College and seminary are important but nothing better than being shaped and equipped by a dynamic local church with outstanding pastoral leaders.