Have We Lost Honor?



by Perry Gagliano

Perry Gagliano is the Minister of Connections at Cross Church Pinnacle Hills. He is guest blogging for the CCSM today. You can follow Perry at his blog .

“Do not rebuke an older man but encourage him as you would a father.” (1 Tim 5:1)

I believe this is one of the most neglected teachings in the word of God in my generation when it comes to Christian leadership. I rarely see young, passionate, called men of God honoring the men who have come before them. And when I do, something in me is refreshed. There is something powerful about honor. I’ve found that when I honor the older men of God in my life, God uses me more. Yet when I bicker with or ignore the wisdom of these men, I find myself in a slump.20130828-105146 Maybe it’s a demonstration of God giving grace to the humble but opposing the proud.

The fact is that we need a resurgence of honor in the church. We must remember that nothing increases wisdom like time and experience. There are truths that these men understand that only come through years of a consistent walk with God. So on behalf of all my brothers in the church, I ask forgiveness from these fathers of the faith. May we earnestly seek wisdom from the older, faithful men of God who are still running the race. May we learn from their mistakes and their victories. May we honor these men, so we may also one day be worthy of honor.




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