Faith and Growth


Will PowersWill Powers joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Lincoln, Nebraska. Will is participating in the Student Ministry track.

Dirt. It is either entirely useless, or the most useful thing that we have on this earth. God, who created the entire universe, everything that we can: see, hear, touch, taste, smell. That same God chose to make the crown of His creation, His very own likeness, out of dirt! For the first time in all of creation God formed something! Not with the words of His mouth, but He went down in the dirt and formed man. We were literally made out of His humility.

Now fast forward from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and you have Jesus, the living son of God Himself, and He talks about what faith and growth look like. I am continually amazed at the incredible creativity and poetry with which God used in His creation. Most of the time Jesus spoke about faith and growth, it is likened to nothing else but seeds and plants. From the mustard seed of faith, to the sower of seeds in the field, to the fruit of our lives.

Growth in our faith is dependent on the soil of our hearts. God made us with dirt, but it is up to us on how we are to take care of it. Will we let it become dry and cracked from being trod on by people and society? Will it be wrapped up in the vines of doubt, mangled with the weeds of selfishness? Or will it be well tended to, plowed with wisdom, and ready to receive the gifts of God?

If growth is truly what we are pursuing, then let us prepare our fields for the seeds that will be thrown into them. The sower does not discriminate where the seeds will go, so let us tend to all of the areas of our field, so that as many seeds as possible, will take root. The storms that are meant to bring destruction to our fields can, and will be used by God to grow those seeds of faith. When we are able to endure the discomfort of our Helper (the Holy Spirit) removing the weeds and vines that choke our faith, that is when healthy plants will sprout from the dirt of our hearts.

The growth of our faith provides so much more than we can imagine. It not only nourishes us, but the lost around us find refuge in our faith as well. It gives them fruit for nourishment, fills their hearts with hope and joy because of the audaciously beautiful flowers you produce, and gives them shade to rest and recover, from the intense pain and hopelessness that this world tries to feed them.

Today what is it that you will choose to do, continue eating the sour fruit that persists in the world? Embrace the work of tending your field and making it a haven for you, and those around you? God made you dirt, what kind of dirt will you be?



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