First in my time, first in my thoughts


Alexis Gamache joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Little Rock, Ar. She is on the student/girls ministry track.

As Believers we know that we are in the midst of the sanctification process at all times. We know that even though we might not be aware of it, the Lord is always at work in our lives to make us look more like Him. I am currently in a season of life in which I am somewhat aware of an area of my life the Lord is working on.

Since graduating college and starting the School of Ministry one thing I’ve recognized is how much free time I used to have. Yes, there were papers and exams to complete and classes to attend, as well as working my part-time job, but I had a lot of extra time to do with how I desired. Most of the time I have to admit I did not use that time wisely. Now working eight to five and most nights having events or small groups to attend, I am very aware of how much time I used to have that I do not anymore.

It would be pretty easy for me to sit back after work and watch Netflix and relax and then sleep in until seven every morning. But, since our mission trip to Africa the Lord has really placed it on my heart to put Him first. First in my time, first in my thoughts, first in my priorities, first in my gratefulness. We live in a busy world that never seems to slow, but in the midst of us running around chasing after the daily tasks, the Lord is sitting, waiting for us to come to Him, to lean on Him, to communicate with Him. I used to give the Lord my time before bed. This worked for a while and might work for others but I found myself giving Him my always exhausted, ready to sleep, self. I would read His word just enough to get by, not really grasping my reading, and then go into a time of prayer where I struggled to focus and to not drift into sleep.

I believe there are people who are perfectly capable of  making their quiet time at night work and still put God first in their lives. I was just not one of those people. I needed to make a change. What this looks like practically for me is to wake up two hours before I have to be anywhere to give me plenty of time with the Lord so I do not feel rushed. This looks like me trying to turn to the Lord in times of distress instead of my friends or parents. This looks like me trying to put what God says about me before what the world says about me. This looks like me trying to be aware of the blessings from the Lord in all situations. All of these things are prefaced with the word “trying,” because I’m not always successful at doing these things. But I am trying and the Lord has blessed my efforts.



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