focus on my heart and not my performance


Baron CageBaron Cage joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Gallatin, Tennessee. He is participating in the Student Ministry track.

While in college I was introduce to intramural sports. Being an athletic guy in high school, this allowed me to stay competitive and continue to participate in sports even though I wasn’t good enough to play at the collegiate level. My friends and I found ourselves very invested in our flag football seasons. During flag football season we spent more time studying a playbook and practicing then studying and going to class. We became overly obsessed with it. However, we weren’t so much obsessed about the actually game but with winning.

In the world of sports, if we aren’t careful, it can be all about our success and our performance. In college I would find my identity by the wins and losses we took on the field. Sadly, after a big win we would walk around campus like we owned it and now looking back I can not help but shake my head and laugh at myself and my team. Our success playing flag football gave us the idea we were on a higher platform than our fellow classmates because we beat them on the field.

But what I learned in this particular season of my life is that God does not look at our performance. He doesn’t care if I’m the fastest, the strongest, or the tallest; He is interested in my heart and my relationship with Him.

Sometimes we get caught up in being better than others. I always found myself trying to perform and get the approval of others. Unfortunately, we often judge ourselves by our success and comparing it to others. But what we believe is successful should not be how we view each other. A person should not be judged by what he has accomplished.

There is a great example in the Bible when Samuel was sent to find the new king. God told Samuel to go to the family of Jesse. Jesse had many sons, many sons with many talents. I imagine that some of his sons were great athletes, and some were the best hunters in Bethlehem, but the one God chose wasn’t the one who was the fastest, the strongest, the one with the most awards, or the most popular guy in Bethlehem. God chose David because his heart was right with God. He may have been small, but that didn’t matter to God. God chose him because of his heart not his outward appearance. He would be later known as a man after God’s own heart. I need to remember to focus on my heart and not my performance. Our success or lack of success has no effect on how God uses us.



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