He is teaching me what I need most


Josh Wilson-CCSM 2015Guest writing today on the Cross Church School of Ministry blog is Josh Wilson. Josh is serving with the Cross Church School of Ministry as a resident minister on the Media Ministry track. Josh joins the CCSM from Conway, Arkansas.

I am finishing up my third month at the Cross Church School of Ministry program and I am loving it. For each of us in the program, there have been some ups and downs along the way. We can point to times when we have had great days and felt like we are a part of something that is making a difference for the cause of Christ. However, there have also been hard days. It may have been the tasks that we were given—maybe they were outside of our skill set or even outside of our comfort zone. It may have been just the end of a long, hard week. From mission trips to driving from campus to campus, the days are full of experiences that we each benefit from.

During these three months some of us have lost family members. Some have lost people who had lived long lives and others lost people who did not even get a chance to live at all. My cousin in Alabama lost a baby at 24 weeks. It was her second child to lose this way. Even though the ministry events continued, I was sad during that time and had a heavy heart. I know that God is teaching us things all the time, and I wonder if we learn more from the days of trials than we do from the days we think we are thriving. I suspect that I will be able to understand more and perhaps even offer some comfort and encouragement to people on my team in the future because I went through the sad days. This is not a lesson I would ever sign-up to intentionally learn but I know that God is in control and He is teaching me what I need most.

The lessons I have been learning in the School of Ministry have all been great. But I need to remember that God is teaching me and training me for ministry all the time; not just when I am “on the clock.” He teaches us through the good things that happen to us. He teaches us through the bad things that happen to us. He is always training and preparing us for ministry. Whether we are in a media role or preparing to work with college students or planting a church, God is training us all the time. He knows what is best and I have to keep trusting and learning from everything He brings my way.




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