Hola from Venezuela!


Hola from Guanare, Venezuela!. We arrived in Venezuela on Wednesday. We are partnering with Pastor Josue of the Primera Iglesia Baptista de Guanare (First Baptist Church of Guanare). We have been doing a pastor’s conference over the topic of Building a Healthy Church. We taught several leadership principles from John Maxwell’s book 21 Laws of Leadership. And we also taught from Pastor Ronnie Floyd’s 10 Things Everything A Minister Needs to Know. Four of our guys lead the church in worship songs in Spanish! Over the past two days, we have taught these materials to over 50 pastors and their wives.


The Venezuelan people are extremely hungry for the Word. It has been a very powerful moment for us as we saw the people receive our teaching with inexpressible joy! They have expressed nothing but gratitude and shown us love this entire week! One of the most powerful moments of today came at the end of the conference, when Pastor Josue shared his gratitude and every pastor in attendance also shared their gratitude. One pastor traveled 26 hours just to be at this conference! Then everyone in the church prayed over us as a team. This moment will be a moment that many of us will soon not forget as we heard them as a congregation praying over us in Spanish!


I want to leave you with what we’re doing the rest of the week. Tomorrow we are getting to be a part of a special baptism service where 50 people are being baptized! Sunday, 5 of the guys will be preaching in area churches while Jeff and the worship team will be at First Baptist Church of Guanare. Monday we will lead another conference on how to evangelize Muslims. Tuesday we will be touring the city and then Wednesday after spending the day and a night in Caracas, we’ll be flying back to the United States. God is truly changing our hearts for sake of the nations and many of us will find it difficult to leave!


Continue praying for our team as we obey God’s call, pray for the people of Venezuela, pray for the First Baptist Church of Guanare and their pastor, Josue! Finally pray that Jesus is exalted and glorified this week.



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