Today, CrossChurchSchool.com welcomes guest writer, Tyler Chambers. Tyler is a Resident Minister in the Cross Church School of Ministry serving in the Student Ministry at the Neosho Campus. He is from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Leadership is a word that can be pretty intimidating to people and has a lot of different meanings. Everyone has their own definition of what leadership means to them or what it takes to become a leader. Merriam-Webster has several definitions for leadership – “the office or position of a leader,” “the capacity to lead,” and “the act or an instance of leading.” Leadership has multiple definitions and each individual has their own way of describing it.

For me, every time I hear the word, leadership, I always think of football. I think of the quarterbacks especially. Quarterbacks need to be able to lead their offense down the field and score. They can’t do that by themselves though. They need help from their receivers, running backs, and offensive line. Quarterbacks need to communicate to the team to call the plays. They also need to be passionate at what they do and respect the other players. If the quarterback hates on the offensive line, they are not going to want to block anyone at game time. If the quarterback isn’t passionate at what he does then what is the point of going out there and running routes for him. The quarterback is a huge leader of their team and it takes leadership to win football games.

I look at leadership as being a person who is respectful, passionate, someone who is able to communicate well and be there for others. A person who is able to earn the trust of others so they will be feel comfortable with the leader. Being respectful to others is important as well. If a leader is super disrespectful to others they will not have respect for that leader. Leaders need to lead by example. They also need to have confidence and be passionate about what they do. When people see that a leader is passionate and caring, they will want to follow. Being flexible and open is also a big part of leadership. There may be times when someone is having a bad night and just needs someone to talk to and hang out with.

Who you are and who you see yourself as will be the people that you attract. Anyone can become a leader, you may be one right now and just don’t realize it. Yes, leadership might sound intimidating but it’s not. We need more leaders in this world to be there for others who are struggling. Leaders lead by example and being a leader helps create more leaders. This is what leadership means to me and what I think of when I hear the word.