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Abby BakerAbby Baker joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is participating in the Student/Girl’s Ministry track.

I tend to be a fairly task and list-oriented person. Without consciously thinking about it, when I wake up in the morning I’m instantly thinking about the things to be accomplished for the day. Often it’s extremely easy to get so caught up in my schedule that I overlook the opportunities waiting in the ‘in-between’ times.

The other day I was on a schedule, I was going to attend a volleyball game for half an hour, then pick up a friend before attending my small group. Naturally I didn’t have any cash in my car, so I gathered what change I had to pay for a game ticket. I gathered three dollars or so, then I was told it was five dollars to get in. I was left waiting outside for a friend to rescue me¾this was not part of the plan.

You know what, God knew all about this. It was no surprise to Him that I was outside, it was no surprise that my plans were changed, He knew. Of course one of my students walked by while I was standing outside. I started a conversation with her that began what has since become an awesome relationship. She was going through a difficult time, and I was completely unaware of that when I began the conversation.

My plans were altered because I was unprepared. But God still decided to show up, He decided to arrange that divine appointment with that student. Since then I’ve developed a relationship with this student that might have never happened had I not had that conversation.

It blows my mind that God chooses to use us. He chooses to use us in our imperfections and lack of wisdom. He chooses to use us even though sometimes we pretend we know better than He does. He chose to use me at a specific moment in time even though I felt as if my time was being wasted in this “in between” time.



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