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November 4, 2019

Leading an Influential Life

Today, welcomes guest writer, Caitlin Way. Caitlin is a Resident Minister in the Cross Church School of Ministry serving in the Espanol Ministry, Springdale Campus. She is from Cabot, Arkansas and studied at the University of Arkansas. When I think of leaders in my life, I think of two groups of people. Firstly, I […] MORE


March 28, 2017

Faith and Growth

Will Powers joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Lincoln, Nebraska. Will is participating in the Student Ministry track. Dirt. It is either entirely useless, or the most useful thing that we have on this earth. God, who created the entire universe, everything that we can: see, hear, touch, taste, smell. That same God […] MORE


March 23, 2017

What I’ve Learned About Leading A Ministry

Nick Bethea joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Georgetown, South Carolina. He is participating in the Children’s Ministry track. For some, this could be viewed as quite a heavy topic. There are many respected, faithful pastors who have been immersed in vocational ministry for decades that could list off hundreds of leadership principles […] MORE


March 14, 2017

He Is Still Good

By Nathaniel Bettcher joins the School of Ministry from Virginia I have been a Christian for almost a decade, and if you know me at all, you know that I place an enormous emphasis on the absolute sovereignty of God. I am convinced that nothing; happens outside of His plan. Psalm 115: 3 “Our God […] MORE


March 7, 2017

Living Sent

Hayden Thomas joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Ladonia, Texas. He is participating in the Pastoral Ministry track. What does it mean to “evangelize?” Have you ever wondered if you were doing it right? How do you actually “disciple” someone? I often think about these questions. It can be difficult to understand how […] MORE