Returning Home


Granger RigginsGranger Riggins joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Springdale, Arkansas. Granger is participating in the College Ministry track.

Whether it was through conversation with a friend, or seeing it painted on a beautiful canvas the majority of us have all heard the famous saying, “home is where the heart is.” Lately God has impressed a deeper understand of this simple little saying upon my life. Within the past two years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to begin walking through my calling of full time ministry and already God has taught me so much.

I have learned that there are times of loneliness, joy, heartbreak, and happiness. But as I begin to meet with people and experience all of these different emotions, there is one thing that I have noticed in every person I come in contact with¾an inevitable desire or longing for more. As I’ve become aware of it, I have been able to process it more and more each time I encounter it, and I believe after some time God has revealed to me an understanding for this greater desire for more.

Whether it’s a college student who’s moved off for the first time or someone who moved away and started a family in another town, we all have this yearning to return home. But when we do return home, we soon find out that it doesn’t fulfill all our desires, its just not the same. Why is that? I believe God has revealed to me that answer in the book of Genesis where we see that we haven’t truly made it home. Genesis tells us that we where created with the purpose to live in the Garden of Eden. And in this garden there was no heart break or pain, there was no corruption or disease, but instead it was a place filled with love and peace. In this garden we where created to live face to face with God our creator. A place where we could walk with Him in his majesty and experience all that he is, but when sin entered the world we where sent out as exiles from Eden. This is why our sense of longing cannot be filled by any person, place, or thing.

Our longing and desire for more can only be extinguished by returning to our original home, a place where we can walk intimately with our Creator and that is only possibly by placing our faith and trust in His son Jesus Christ. Then one day we will return home, no longer being exiles on this world, but returning to the home our heart desires and that is in presence of our Creator.



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