The Call to Ministry


Zach Morris-CCSM 2015Guest writing today on the Cross Church School of Ministry blog is Zach Morris.  Zach is serving with the Cross Church School of Ministry as a resident minister this year. Zach is from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is on the  Student Ministry track.

All I wanted to be when I was a kid was a professional football player. My YouTube history in junior high and high school consisted of highlights from the greatest running backs ever to play the game and hits from some of the scariest linebackers to put on a helmet. Being an NFL player was my childhood dream just like any other sports minded kid. Often I would sit and think about what it was like for college athletes to receive a call from the NFL team that just drafted them.

When I was 16-years-old, I received a different call. I had just returned from a mission trip to Zambia and was at a camp with my youth group. One night, there was a sermon about God’s will and plan for our lives, and from the beginning I was dialed in. I had never even thought about being a pastor or in the ministry before that night, but that is when God clearly called me to ministry. I had no idea what that was going to look like. Before that night, I was determined to play college football, and at the time, I had ambitions to be an architect. That night and that call to ministry changed everything about how I thought my life was going to go.

That’s what surrendering your life to Christ costs though, right? God can call me to anything because I am His. Simple as that.

For me, it wasn’t as simple as that. There have been times where I have doubted. I’ve thought that maybe it was just an emotional experience. Then, I re-examine and reflect on that specific night sitting in that auditorium at a school in Alabama and realizing God was speaking to me, calling me to the ministry. I have thought myself to be unworthy. I was unworthy until he redeemed me. I’ve also just been plain stubborn. Other careers and interests, like sports and business, have caught my eye to take my focus off my calling. That’s when I have to remember that if God specifically called me to ministry, the greatest impact I can make in life is as a pastor. If God called me there specifically, there is no place else I should or can be.

Every time I have thought I wanted to do something different and even started going towards different careers, He has always brought me back to this call, and every time I realize again the privilege and joy it is to be called to ministry. Ministry is hard. Absolutely. However, God has graciously given me the opportunity to lead the church in sharing the Gospel to the broken and serving others in the love of Christ while worshipping God with all we have.

I hear retired NFL players talk about their body aches and problems that are a result of playing professional football. The years upon years of pushing your body to its limit to perform has a toll, but not many, if any, have I heard say they regret playing. The same way they loved the sport, despite the problems, is the same way I love ministry. I know I am early in this call and still young, but I want to be the person can say I had no regrets. This wasn’t my childhood dream. It’s much bigger and better than that. It’s my calling.



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