The Discipline of Personal Bible Study



This past Monday the CCSM discussed Pastor’s Floyd book, 10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know. In the book, Pastor Floyd discusses 10 practical lessons that current and upcoming ministers need to know. One of the first topics that he discussed in the first chapter is the discipline of personal Bible study, what he calls “The Power of One Hour.” This is perhaps the most vital lesson that ministers need to hear and practice. Some ministers forsake the habit of a daily time with Jesus for the sake of the ministry. I find myself struggling to find time to spend time with Jesus because of the busyness of my life (school, family, leisure, etc.) It seems that time with the Lord is just one of many things that competes for my attention and often times I put it by the wayside because I’m “busy.”

10 things every minister needs

I’ve noticed that the less time I spend time with Jesus, the more I am prone to the trappings of this world. The reverse is just as true, the more time I spend in God’s Word and studying God’s Word, the less I am prone to the trappings of this world. All 11 guys in the CCSM will learn many lessons, but I think that this is THE lesson that we need to learn. If we do not discipline ourselves for godliness, which begins in His Word every day then we cannot effectively reach the masses with the Word of God. I remember one day when I was young in my faith and was struggling with my call that I was not spending time with the Lord and the Spirit gently said this to me, “Eric, how can you expect to preach and teach the Word, if you are not IN the Word.” This rattled me to my core. It is so important that as upcoming ministers that we discipline ourselves in the area of personal devotion. In Mark 1:35, he says that Jesus rose very early in the morning while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. Jesus sought the presence of the Father in the midst of His ministry. As ministers, it is vitally important that before we get busy with ministry, that we set time aside to spend with the Lord to prepare for the spiritual warfare that will come our way.



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