What I’ve Learned About Leading A Ministry


Nick BetheaNick Bethea joins the Cross Church School of Ministry from Georgetown, South Carolina. He is participating in the Children’s Ministry track.

For some, this could be viewed as quite a heavy topic. There are many respected, faithful pastors who have been immersed in vocational ministry for decades that could list off hundreds of leadership principles accompanied by even more relevant stories. But for me, a 23-year-old pastor, my thoughts on leadership are based on the short time that I have been blessed to lead a ministry in a thriving, growing church. I pray that this short analysis is viewed as beneficial for young ministers and pastors. Here are three of the most important lessons I have learned thus far:

  1. People Matter: This may seem elementary, but sometimes these simple thoughts are what we need to be reminded of the most. Ministry work creates a busy life¾it demands a lot of your time and energy to serve and minister to people. The temptation that we come across is to simply walk through the crowds quickly on Sunday mornings or to immerse ourselves in programming so much that we forget why we do what we do. The reason that we do what we do is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people, as we have been called to do by God!
  2. Seasons are Real: This point is speaking to spiritual seasons. These spiritual seasons are as sure to come and go just as Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter do. They come and go at different paces and can be as unpredictable as the Arkansas weather. But one thing reigns true for ministers, you will experience spiritual fruitful seasons and spiritual dry seasons. During the fruitful seasons, I beg you to stay humble, give God all of the glory, and do not become complacent. During the dry seasons, I beg you to stay the course, give God all of the glory, and work harder than ever before.
  3. God is Sovereign: In my personal opinion, this is the most important thing to remember when leading a ministry. As the psalmist proclaims in Psalm 29:10, “The LORD sat as King at the flood; Yes, the LORD sits as King forever.” Never forget that God is in control, He always has and always will reign as King forever. You have been called to serve His bride, the local church, so I plea with you to never doubt God’s sovereignty or His plan.

My prayer is that these three points resonate with you. I pray that it is both encouraging and a healthy reminder that God is in control. Always remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:26: “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”




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