Why I Chose the Cross Church School of Ministry


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by John Mark Pantana

John Mark is a resident minister with the Cross Church School of Ministry on its General Ministry track.  John Mark is with CCSM for one year preparing to be a Worship/Discipleship Pastor.

I am attending Cross Church’s School of Ministry because, firstly, it offers the opportunity to be personally mentored by godly leaders in both practical ministry and honorable living. This program isn’t about book smarts (even though there’s a stack of books). Biblical theology is vital. Yet I find myself, and especially my generation, have seen a theology of something doesn’t make a reality of something. This program aims to teach young ministers the knit and grit of what ministry looks like, warts and all, and how to connect the dots between biblical theology, real ministry, and real life. As Pastor Floyd has said, “Who you are is more important than what you do” – a mantra that runs deep within the Cross Church culture and staff. In other words, the rubber meets the road here. The second reason I am here is to hone my calling. I wish God had audibly spoken exactly what He wanted me to do – but He didn’t. The School of Ministry will work with you and help develop your specific passion and vision. My goals and expectations for this year are to grow in: intimacy with Jesus, honor and devotion to His Word, and passion for His plan – both globally and personally.



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