Why I Chose the Cross Church School of Ministry



by Gareth Patterson

Gareth is a resident minister with the Cross Church School of Ministry on its Church Planter track.  Gareth is with CCSM for one year preparing to plant a church in the Denver, Colorado area.  

Two summers ago, while descending a mountain overlooking Helena, Montana I looked over the capital city and realized the city had very few gospel preaching churches. At this point, I felt the call of ministry on my life. I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew the burden on my heart was for North America.

After being involved with Cross Church during my last two years in college at the University of Arkansas, that call was clarified. During my senior year, I heard about the Cross Church School of Ministry. I also learned how I could partner with the North American Mission Board and also about North American church planting while still getting seminary credit. This was an opportunity I could not miss out on. I am called to take the gospel of Jesus to the lost people of North America, and I cannot wait to see how the Cross Church School of Ministry equips me for my call.



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