Why I Chose the Cross Church School of Ministry



by Caleb Lynn

Caleb is a resident minister with the Cross Church School of Ministry on its Worship track.  Caleb is with CCSM for one year preparing to become a worship leader in the local church.

After hearing that I would not be able to attend the university that I had initially planned for because of finances, I decided to work right after high school to provide for college. While having every door closed in the process of finding a job, my dad told me of a brand new one year school starting in Northwest Arkansas. I knew that God had called me to ministry and I wanted to fulfill that call on my life by pursuing music ministry in college. I did not understand why God would shut so many doors until He opened one, the Cross Church School of Ministry. The Cross Church School of Ministry offers several different ministry tracks including Worship Ministry. While at the School of Ministry I hope to gain a better understanding of worship and to grow spiritually and musically through the Cross Church worship team.



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